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whitening pen:   $30.00

This advanced formula wipes away surface stains, leaving you with a healthy and sparkling white smile. It also freshens breath, kills bacteria and restores teeth to natural white. Just paint it on your teeth, let it dry for a minute and that's it. It will whiten your teeth and fight stains while you sleep!

organic tooth gloss:   $20.00

This product instantly adds a glossy look to your teeth. It works by imparting a shiny, polished coating, giving the appearance of a whiter smile. And you'll be pleased to know the tooth gloss is non-abrasive and shown to protect against stains and gingivitis, as well as deliver fresh breath all day long. Apply a thin ribbon of tooth gloss onto toothbrush or fingertip and apply onto tooth as needed. Optionally rinse after each use. Apply as needed. Recommended for daily use.

remineralization gel:   $6.00

This product is intended to revitalize enamel after the teeth whitening/bleaching process. It protects and rebuilds your teeth's natural strength. It is great for people who experience tooth sensitivity after whitening and contains minerals, phosphates and flourides that penetrate enamel to repair small lesions.

This product can be worn overnight to provide a complete remineralization treatment to teeth.

whitening foam:   $40.00

  • This product features a revolutionary new technology that removes stains and whitens teeth safely and rapidly, using a foaming formulation that penetrates better than any paste or gel. The two part system provides you with a very effective method for cleaning and whitening your teeth without the need for messy trays or difficult strips. Simply brush your teeth with this revolutionary non-peroxide foam system and experience user-friendly, pain-free white results that will leave you smiling. Whiter teeth are seen within one to three weeks of using Foaming White.
  • System includes two 50 ml Pump Foamer Bottles (Dental Cleaning Foam and Dental Whitening Foam).
  • Pearl White Dual Foam helps to remove enamel surface stains from your teeth using a foaming detergent action. With many of the same ingredients as leading toothpastes, this foam is clinically proven to penetrate those tough to reach spaces between teeth and other places that standard pastes and gels are too thick to clean.
  • Pearl Dual Foam features professional strength bleaching power in combination with effective scrubbing bubbles for faster results without the pain or discomfort that is typical of many traditional tooth whitening systems. The Non-Peroxide Whitening Foam removes both surface and sub-surface stains better and faster than leading whitening pastes and gels that are too thick to match the performance of foam.

whitening mouth rinse:    $9.00

Blue Lightening™ Mouth Rinse is a whitening enhancing mouthwash for teeth. It makes teeth whiter and brighter by adding a slight bluing tint to freshly bleached teeth. Use Blue Lightening™ immediately after teeth bleaching to make teeth appear extremely white and bright. Blue Lightening™ also prevents tartar accumulation on teeth and improves gum health.

Blue Lightening™ is supplied in single unit dose 10 mL bottles. Immediately after whitening treatment, pour the entire contents of the bottle into a cup and rinse for 30 seconds and then spit out. Do not swallow the liquid. Look for the blue tint on your teeth and gums. Rinse thoroughly with water until the gums return to their natural pink color. Repeat after any whitening treatment, but no sooner than once every month.

professional take-home kit:   $50.00

This power pack is excellent for at-home teeth whitening and can also be used as a touch-up/follow-up treatment after professional chairside whitening. Delivers remineralization and whitening to your teeth. Contents include:

  • 1 hydrogen peroxide gel syringe
  • 1 cheek retractor
  • 1 Vitamin E swab
  • 1 finger teeth wipe
  • 1 desensitizing/remineralization gel syringe
  • 1 mini LED light