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A teeth whitening party is an excellent opportunity to have a group of friends/family/colleagues over for a fun get together. To plan a party, we require a minimum of 5 paying guests, not including yourself. As the host, your treatment is COMPLETELY FREE, or you receive $50 cash. You pick the day and time, and your Blazing Smile consultant will show up at that designated time and prepare the equipment and whitening systems. We bring a minimum of 2 LED whitening lights and 2 whitening chairs so everyone can receive service quickly.

The price is $120 per guest, as opposed to $400-$600 + a the dentist's office. We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

We also do bridal/wedding parties and other group events. Please contact us for more details. teeth whitening parties

Please try not to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after a teeth whitening treatment. Don't forget to stay away from coloured foods and drinks for 24 hours after your treatment. Remember, you can have your teeth whitened 3 times per year, so you always have an excuse to get your friends together for another party and you'll all have beautiful smiles!!!